Welcome and thank you for choosing BBCCC. This handbook contains procedures and rules put forth to ensure complete transparency between the BBCCC and the parents. Please read it thoroughly and feel free to ask any questions or concerns that you may have. 

BBCCC believes that quality childcare is an important aspect for every family. The staff at BBCCC bases its philosophy on each child's total development. We provide an enriching atmosphere which enables the child to develop Spiritually, socially, emotionally,

physically and cognitively. We offer a learning environment which provides developmentally appropriate experiences designed to stimulate these areas of growth. The children are involved in first hand experiences and opportunities for self-exploration and discovery. They are encouraged to explore the world around them through free play and directed activities. Learning through play is the heart of our curriculum. Daily lesson plans are introduced through structured themes with the children's interests in mind. Through play children learn about themselves, others and the world around them.

Children develop and learn on an individual basis. Working with children in small groups enables them to receive the personalized attention they need to excel. Also, it allows our staff the opportunity to observe and meet the individual needs of each child. Our program offers each child the individual care, attention, nurturing and love, which is necessary for healthy growth. We value the individuality of each child by recognizing these differences and offering personal care and attention in a group setting.

Involving families in our program is a top priority. This helps children, parents, and our staff to make the strong connection between home and center. We are an extension of the family, developing a partnership where sharing support, ideas and genuine love for children is of the utmost importance.   BBCCCwe have an open-door policy; which means youare more than welcome to come and goas you please. You are free to drop off or pick up your child any time during the day. You are also welcomed to come visit, eat lunch, and participate in daycare activities.

 Communication is an essential aspect of our partnership. As we welcome each new family into BBCCC, it is very important that you know that we welcome your questions, concerns, and feedback. Sensitive issues will be discussed in private.

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